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AutoIPacket, LLC. was founded in 2012 after the program was created due to a request of a Mercedes-Benz dealer's sales staff, who desired the ability to quickly present the Mercedes-Benz "CPO packets" with potential customers online. After a year and half of product development and beta testing AutoiPacket was brought to the dealer market.

For a number of years, evidence books, used car booklets and pre-owned packets have been presented to potential clients, allowing your sales team to build value and promote confidence and comfort.

The AutoiPacket Platform takes your pre-owned booklets out of file cabinets and allows your sales team to access them instantly online. More importantly, this software also streamlines contact with prospective customers, allowing the sales force to share this information via email or text message. AutoiPacket allows you to access vehicle history reports, mechanical checklists, repair order receipts, warranty information, and much more. Every vehicle on your lot has a story to tell, give your sales team the tool that enables them to tell it.

AutoiPacket started as a system built by dealers and will continue to be built by our dealer base to better enhance the vehicle sales experience in the age of information and technology.


Working at AutoiPacket.com is an opportunity to do great work, combined with an environment centered on helping businesses thrive. Whether you are an up and coming IT specialist or a member of our dealer relationship team working for AutoiPacket is highly rewarding, both personally and professionally.

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Referring Dealership will earn $500.00 credit on your account for each new referral submitted that becomes a new AutoiPacket customer as a result of this referral.


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